Traffic & Leads

Traffic and Leads

Traffic is an essential element to your success online and offline. Without it, you won’t be able to generate leads and turn them into customers. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website, some cost you little while others are more sophisticated and complicated and will need to be budgeted for.Traffic-and-Leads

I’ve listed some traffic strategies below that each on its own can be successfully used to generate traffic and laser targeted leads to any business. More, if they are implemented together consistently on an ongoing basis, your results will increase dramatically.

Local Listing - How are your customers finding you these days? Are they using telephone books and newspapers? Searching the streets, hunting for your particular business? The correct answer is no to all of the above. In fact, your customers are typing in what they want to Google. Click here to learn more about Local Listing

SEO - SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of setting your website up so that it will be recognized by the search engines like Google. You want your site to rise as far up the results page as possible as some studies suggest that 90% … Click here to learn more about SEO

Strategy and Consulting - Your company needs a customized attack plan on your market. Simply having a static website with your contact information will not make a profitable marketing campaign. Click here to learn more about Strategy and Consulting

Video Marketing - Video Marketing is not new but as a powerful marketing tool its importance to help you grow your business is now only becoming clear. Video Marketing has been around for a number of years and it is an area of marketing that still continues to evolve over time. Click here to learn more about Video Marketing

Link Building - For any person who is serious about achieving success with their business online, it is not very surprising that they may know the importance of having a website. And for any website owner who is serious about achieving the goal of driving targeted traffic to their website, Click here to learn more about Link Building

Article Marketing - Article Marketing is the practice of posting keyword-rich articles on article distribution sites that then syndicate your content. The reason this is an important strategy is because some of these article syndication sites have a significant readership following. Click here to learn more about Article Marketing

Pay Per Click - With so much going on in the internet today, it can be difficult to keep up. You may know a little bit about Pay Per Click Marketing but looking to learn more. We all know that there are millions of people online everyday using the internet for everything you could ever imagine … Click here to learn more about Pay Per Click

Press Release Marketing - When your business releases a new product or service or just does something worth telling everyone about, a Press Release is the way to make it known to the world. Click here to learn more about Press Release Marketing

Social Media Marketing - Social Media Marketing is one of the most important online marketing development in recent years as it is now a vital tool for thousands of businesses looking to connect with new and existing customers and business associates. Click here to learn more about Social Media Marketing

Mobile Marketing - Mobile Marketing is still a relatively new form of advertising. In fact, many of the most prominent advertisers are large companies and corporations. This is in part due to the rapidly changing technology associated with mobile advertising as well as the cost of keeping up to date with the changes and trends in the mobile marketing industry. Click here to learn more about Mobile Marketing

QR Codes - a QR Code is a two dimensional, black and white graphic code which has digitized information embedded within the code. Click here to learn more about QR Codes

Follow Up Email Marketing - One of the fastest, easiest and most effective way to follow up with your prospects and current clients is through Email Marketing. All you do is create an email, customize it to suit your readers and send to reach thousands of people instantly. Click here to learn more about Follow Up Email Marketing

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