Strategy & Consulting

Strategy and Consulting

Your company needs a customized attack plan on your market. Simply having a static website with your contact information will not make a profitable marketing campaign.

Our goal is to completely understand your business, your customers, your competitors, what’s currently working for you and what your future goals are. We then take the time to build a customized marketing strategy to get your message in front of potential clients, no matter where they live.
Strategy-and-ConsultingGenerating sales or capturing leads from prospects that are searching online is what defines internet marketing. Solution Driven Marketing is all about getting attention, capturing permission based leads, engagement, relationship and influence to generate more sales and grow your buiness.

Search Engine Rankings is what’s normally used to try and get your website in Google, Yahoo and other search engines to show up when your potential customers type in a “keyword phrase”. But it has also grown to include for example Pay Per Click advertising, these are ads written to be triggered when certain keywords are searched and show up on the top and right hand side of the search engine page. (this is how Google makes billions of dollars)

There’s also social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter where the most effective marketing campaigns are demographic specific rather then keyword specific, much more complex than pay per click but has the potential to be much more profitable.

It is becoming extremely difficult to get the attention of your customers and audience especially in Direct Marketing. To run a 30 second TV spot during the superbowl it’ll cost you over 3 milliion dollars. A more fine tuned marketing campaign is more effective than blasting a marketing piece to anyone and everyone.

We help companies build a deeper connection with their existing customer base, our goal is to help you understand and learn who your best customers are and create programs that directly talk to the needs and preferences of those customers.

Tracking, measurement and testing are key components to any successful campaign. So we measure every program and track the bottom line results of everything, that way we know what’s working and what’s not to adjust and connect our course of action.

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