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Local Listing and Google Places

How are your customers finding you these days? Are they using telephone books and newspapers? Searching the streets, hunting for your particular business? The correct answer is no to all of the above. In fact, your customers are typing in what they want to Google. Try it for yourself! Look up Mexican restaurants in Google and check out what appears first.
To break it down for you, let’s pretend you own a chinese restaurant in Calgary. There are over 900 results for the listings. So now you’re thinking, wow what if my business type has that many results? What’s the hope of actually being able to get my business listed? Well you can easily look up your own business by using Google maps and zooming in on your business.
Well that’s easy enough, but wait, how are actual customers going to find you? You’re perfectly capable of finding yourself.


Yet where do people actually look? They see all the regular search listings, then they see this pretty map that makes it so much easier to find where they want to actually go.

Why do Google maps exist? Some studies suggest that as much as 70% of all internet searches are for local products and services. Google has apparently taken notice of this and has changed and updated some of the ways they return search results, placing more emphasis on local.
Search results:


So with Maps you’re actually getting more competition since Google is now listing Every single one of those other businesses. Your competition is so much broader than you’d actually want to think. You’re now competing against the entire city to get any traffic.
This is what we’re here for, getting you, one of those little red dots on the map, on the first page of those listings.

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