Private Business Consultation


When you need top level advice and marketing strategies on a specific area of your business, a private consultation is your best choice. During the course of the year, I can only take on a limited number of private retainer clients. But since we get a lot of requests from people who need some basic advice, or want to create a new strategy or fix some areas of their business, I’ve made some slots available just for this purpose.

This is a unique opportunity to super-charge your business in a high powered, fast-paced consultation where we’ll spend our time together quickly getting to the heart of the matter, focusing on the things that will make the biggest impact. This will be your time to use in a variety of powerful ways, including:

  • evaluating potential opportunities
  • creating new marketing strategies to generate clients
  • brainstorming growth ideas
  • crafting partnerships
  • program management

Projects are billed on a project basis, based on agreed upon outcomes. Fees usually include a flat fee, a percentage of resulting revenues and/or retainer.

To discuss your options and availabilities with Mike, please complete the form below: